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1. Welcome to today’s edition of #TheFinancialDiva. How is your week going?

2. Today we’ll be treating the topic “Turn your financial life around” #TheFinancialDiva

3. It’s not news that a lot of women delegate their financial security to someone else #TheFinancialDiva

4. Why do women delegate their financial security to their spouse and allow death or divorce plunge them into poverty? #TheFinancialDiva

5. Why do so many women spend more than they earn and become mired in debt? #TheFinancialDiva

6. The National Center for Women and Retirement Research study showed a direct correlation between a woman’s (1/2) #TheFinancialDiva

7. personality characteristics and her financial habits. (2/2) #TheFinancialDiva

8. Qualities such as assertiveness, openness to change & an optimistic outlook are the qualifies that tend to lead (1/2) #TheFinancialDiva

9. to smart money choices (2/2) #TheFinancialDiva

10. Financial planner, author and TV host, Suze Orman believes our problems with money are manifestations of problems (1/2) #TheFinancialDiva

11. in our life and relationships (2/2) #TheFinancialDiva

12. Work on your money issues and many of the other problems will take care of themselves #TheFinancialDiva

13. Or work on the other problems and the money problems will take care of themselves #TheFinancialDiva

14. For many people money is an emotionally charged issue #TheFinancialDiva

15. It may represent power, love or control especially in relationships #TheFinancialDiva

16. Our beliefs about money and our emotional attachments to it strongly influence the way we spend and handle money #TheFinancialDiva

17. If you aren’t where you should be financially, examine what drives you emotionally when it comes to money #TheFinancialDiva

18. After that try to figure out the psychological stumbling blocks that keep you from becoming financially independent #TheFinancialDiva

19. As soon as you’re able to do this, then you’re on your way to turning your financial life around #TheFinancialDiva

20. Join me again same time next week as we treat 10 important things women can do for a great financial future #TheFinancialDiva


Episode 3 of #TheFinancialDiva

Bank employee counting money

1. Last week on we discussed the psychology of wealth creation. If you missed it you can find it here – https://goo.gl/J6yrDC

2. Today our discussion will be on “What women have to make money” 

3. It’s not new that women are overlooked, under rated or under compensated when it comes to money

4. So many times women are disqualified in the employment process just because they are women

5. All of this has made women begin to look down on themselves with respect to what they can offer and what they stand to gain

6. Woman you do have an edge and you can use it to make money

7. I want to use this opportunity to highlight 7 money making qualities we have as women that we shouldn’t over look

8. The first is that we are able to combine both intuitive and logical thinking more seamlessly as women

9. We are able to think more accurately of resources needed for whatever we need to do. This is a plus and not a minus

10. We are also more aware of implications of actions taken because of our intuitive ability

11. The 2nd point is that women have been found to be better money managers compared to men

12. Being better money managers gives you the ability to build companies with better performances

13. The third point is that women find it easier to develop products for women and the family because they’re aware of needs

14. Fourth point is that women are net workers by nature and network is net worth. We just need to begin to harness it

15. Fifth point is that as women we have the ability to never stop learning. Women tend to listen, read books and (1/2)

16. publications and also attend professional development trainings (2/2)

17. Sixth point is that women tend to be perfectionists. They want it right. This advantage can be used to build viable businesses

18. The last but not the least point is that women make better managers because they are better listeners, mentors, (1/2)
19. problem solvers and multitaskers than men. All of these are advantages because we have a more service oriented economy (2/2)
20. More than ever we need more women to connect the work and people by helping to ignite passion in them
21. I’m sure some people will still wonder “So how does all these bring money for me?
22. Identify where you are. Be self aware
23. What is your income, expenses, assets and liabilities? Do you have it all spelt out?
24. If you don’t, you need to begin to keep a journal of all. Also surround yourself with like minded people who do too
25. Have an end in mind. This can be documented in form of your goals. It will help you to reduce focus on the small stuff
26. Money isn’t always about kobo, naira, dollar, Euro or pounds. It’s more about needs to be met and goals to be achieved
27. Get more knowledge about your chosen field & how u can make money there. Identify mentors that can make the journey easier
28. As a woman know your value and continue to improve on it too. It gets better with practice & trying. Don’t die planning
29. Aspire for greater heights. Have you ever thought about becoming a part of the top 10%, 5%, 3% or even 1% of your field?
30. Money will only flow in the direction of value. Increase the value you are creating whole harnessing your uniqueness
31. Till next week when we’ll meet again on another edition of , keep being financially fit. Remember that you come first
32. Kindly help fill this form, if you haven’t. It will help make this classes more enriching u
33. Do have a great week and be blessed. Cheers

Episode 2 of ‪#‎TheFinancialDiva‬

Woman with $20 Bills

1. Good evening my online family! How has the day been? #TheFinancialDiva

2. Last week I laid the foundation on how this all came about and asked that people fill a questionnaire I’d developed #TheFinancialDiva

3. The results of the questionnaire have been quite interesting for me and that’s what will drive our discussions today #TheFinancialDiva

4. We’ll be looking at responses to the question “How happy are you about your financial state?” #TheFinancialDiva

5. 25% of those who answered this question are content, 17% are indifferent while the remaining 58% are depressed #TheFinancialDiva

6. The next question that comes to my mind then is “Why are ladies depressed about their financial situation?” #TheFinancialDiva

7. Then I realised that 63% of those who are depressed earn less than N1 million per annum #TheFinancialDiva

8. That tells me that ladies and people generally are depressed when there’s no money in their pocket #TheFinancialDiva

9. It will also shock you to know that the people who are content aren’t exactly earning more #TheFinancialDiva

10. They’ve just imbibed better habits compared to those who are depressed #TheFinancialDiva

11. 85% of those who are content financially save and they’ve been consistent even though some of them don’t earn much #TheFinancialDiva

12. 55% of those who are indifferent about their finances save while only 50% of depressed people save #TheFinancialDiva

13. That then takes me to what I want us to consider today which is ” The Psychology of Wealth Creation” #TheFinancialDiva

14. The real issue with so many of us isn’t exactly what we’re doing but the way we are doing it #TheFinancialDiva

15. How you do something is a function of your thoughts about that thing #TheFinancialDiva

16. How you make, manage & multiply money is a function of your thoughts about money #TheFinancialDiva

17. I wonder why people will ever be indifferent about any issue in life that’s important #TheFinancialDiva

18. Or am I the only one that thinks that money is important? #TheFinancialDiva

19. I doubt it smile emoticon #TheFinancialDiva

20. Margaret Thatcher said “No one would have remembered the Good Samaritan if he had only good intentions. #TheFinancialDiva

21. He had money as well.” And I add “That’s what made the difference” #TheFinancialDiva

22. Enough of us feeling we do not deserve the best. We do! #TheFinancialDiva

23. You need to free yourself of all excuses and believe that you have a right to as much money as is needed for you #TheFinancialDiva

23. If you don’t believe that you can make money then you won’t #TheFinancialDiva

24. Escape from deep seated realities of yourself because that’s not the real you.You’re who God says you are #TheFinancialDiva

25. Two things I want to leave you with today that you should say to yourself everyday and every time you think about money #TheFinancialDiva

26. The first is that WEALTH IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT #TheFinancialDiva

27. The only way you can make the most of yourself is to take care of your spirit, soul and body #TheFinancialDiva

28. The spirit require love, the soul requires knowledge while the body requires food,clothes & accommodation #TheFinancialDiva

29. All of this requires money to execute. Or how else can you cater for them? #TheFinancialDiva

30. Or will u feel loved by a man who all he says is I love you with nothing to show for it in terms of what money can buy #TheFinancialDiva


32. The 2nd point is THERE IS ABUNDANCE #TheFinancialDiva

33. Even though economics makes us believe so, please note that there is no scarcity in the world #TheFinancialDiva

34. God has made enough natural resources both within us & our world to take care of everyone #TheFinancialDiva

35. I’m sure someone is asking, how then can I access all these wealth that I can’t see #TheFinancialDiva

36. Be definite & clear about what u want.You don’t get anything you aren’t deliberate about #TheFinancialDiva

37. Begin to give out more value than even what u want to get.Ensure you barter.No other way to get money #TheFinancialDiva

38. Be grateful! This keeps you connected in line with what you want to receive #TheFinancialDiva

39. Never forget that life is made for increase! Or which plant or animal have you seen retrogressing? #TheFinancialDiva

40. You were made to increase and you will! #TheFinancialDiva

41. I believe we can draw the curtains here tonight #TheFinancialDiva

42. But remember that WEALTH IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT & that THERE IS ABUNDANCE. Those 2 shouldn’t leave you in the next 1 week #TheFinancialDiva

43. If you are yet to fill the questionnaire developed to make these learning sessions more productive #TheFinancialDiva

44. I’ll be delighted to have u do so.It will take less than a minute of your time. Here’s the link http://goo.gl/bYsafC #TheFinancialDiva

45. Join me again next Saturday by 8pm (GMT+1) as we discuss again on money matters. Remember it will be episode 3 of #TheFinancialDiva

46. Thanks for joining me today and do have a beautiful week manifesting your birthright #TheFinancialDiva

Episode 1 of ‪#‎TheFinancialDiva‬

Woman putting 100 dollar bill into her purse

1. Good evening friends. I’ve been considering this for a while but just decided today to give it a go #TheFinancialDiva
2. No amount of planning will be sufficient for any new thing. One just needs to start and learn as one proceeds #TheFinancialDiva
3. About 6 years ago I discovered I’d worked for almost a decade but I had nothing to show for it #TheFinancialDiva
4. Even though I knew how to save I still couldn’t keep it all together because there was always an excuse to empty it all #TheFinancialDiva
5. There and then I decided I was going to begin to save and ensure my savings was safe from me #TheFinancialDiva
6. About that time I had the opportunity of joining @A2WNigeria cooperative and I decided to take saving seriously #TheFinancialDiva
7. A little after that I got exposed to financial intelligence through @deoluakinyemi and wanted everyone to know what I knew #TheFinancialDiva
8. I started teaching financial intelligence since then but that wasn’t enough #TheFinancialDiva
9. I kept thinking about the generation after me. I wanted them to know what I got to know only as an adult #TheFinancialDiva
10. I wanted to help children, teenagers and young adults get it right before they start out at all #TheFinancialDiva
11. I wanted to see the coming generation make great financial decisions that will help our society and the world at large #TheFinancialDiva
12. This led me to co-author the 2 books I have now for toddlers and children with @deoluakinyemi #TheFinancialDiva
13. I also used various media such as TV, radio, BBM, Blog, Newspapers, etc to preach the gospel of financial literacy #TheFinancialDiva
14. I am still at it because it’s one life skill we all need in this jungle of life, we just can’t do without money #TheFinancialDiva
15. There’s, however, a new turn in my quest for every one to be financially literate and that’s to help my fellow womenfolk #TheFinancialDiva
16. When I started the crusade about financial literacy for kids some people didn’t understand why it can’t be for women #TheFinancialDiva
17. Many men called to ask that I train or help their wives but I think the time wasn’t right then #TheFinancialDiva
18. As I clocked another year a few weeks ago I felt a nudge to start this so that more women can be liberated financially #TheFinancialDiva
19. I’ve been reluctant to start because I felt I had enough in my hands to deal with but since then I’ve gotten calls #TheFinancialDiva
20. from different women asking for advise about their finances #TheFinancialDiva
21. Thus I’m taking a plunge into this initiative which will help us all to master the money game together #TheFinancialDiva
22. I’m not such an expert but I believe iron sharpens iron and we can all help to build a financially responsible society #TheFinancialDiva
23. In order to make this a reality I plan to start with tweet meets every Saturday by 8pm #TheFinancialDiva
24. I trust that as we work together the light at the end of our financial tunnels will become visible and things will get better #TheFinancialDiva
25. In order to make these learning sessions a very productive one, I’ve designed a form for everyone to fill #TheFinancialDiva
26. It will take a few minutes but trust me it’s worth it. Here’s the link http://goo.gl/bYsafC #TheFinancialDiva
27. I will be glad to use the results to help us all work towards becoming more financially decisions responsible adults #TheFinancialDiva
28. That will in turn help our children grow into financially responsible adults #TheFinancialDiva
29. This is for women but I believe men will also learn from it #TheFinancialDiva
30. Make it a date with me again next week Saturday at 8pm on #TheFinancialDiva as we master the money game together

Thank you and God bless!

I remain committed to your financial success!


Global Money Week 2015


Hello there! Top of the day to you!

For some weeks now I’ve been thinking about and planning for Global Money Week (GMW) 2015. GMW is a money awareness celebration with a goal to teach children and youth about money, saving, creating livelihoods, gaining employment and becoming an entrepreneur through fun and interactive activities.

One of the conclusions I’ve reached with respect to teaching children about money is the fact that the adults need to be informed themselves to better help the coming generation. So how have you fared so far financially in 2015? It’s interesting to note that 10% of the year is gone already? To know how you’re doing let’s do a quick audit of things you ought to be doing.

1. Do you have an escrow account? Somewhere where what you save is safe from you? Like GMW 2015’s theme, “Save today. Safe tomorrow.”

2. Do you have at least 4 streams of income? Your income streams are like the legs of a chair carrying the weight of your future.

3. Do you have any stream of passive income? Do you earn any income that doesn’t require you to break sweat?

4. Do you prepare monthly budgets and run monthly reviews in your finances? Do you carry your spouse along?

5. Do you have at least 1 year’s salary in savings?

If you score yes in 5 you are in track. If 4, you need some assistance. If 3 or less you need swift help.

As part of our activities for GMW we will be holding a financial seminar tagged “Are you growing rich or staying poor?” on Saturday, March 14 from 10am to 3pm. Seminar cost is N10,000 but you stand a chance to get 25% discount if you register early. The session will be very eye opening and you’ll move closer to achieving your financial goals. Some of the facilitators are Adeolu Akinyemi and Tosin Praise-Fowowe to mention just a few. Remember that only 1 in 100 become financially free at the age of 65. Position yourself to be one at that age.

We will also be distributing ABC of Financial Intelligence for Toddlers in the course of the GMW week and will appreciate your support to enable us reach more children. A copy of the book costs less than N1000 for this purpose. You can send us an email at info@eaddakids.com if you want to be a part of this.

Thank you and God bless!

I made it!


I started a 30 days blogging challenge on 6 August, at a time when writing daily was already a great challenge. Initially it was like a walk through the park but as the days went by it became more and more tedious. Whoever said anything good comes easy must be joking. Today is the last day of the challenge for me and I am indeed grateful for the opportunity to be part of this. This is not the end of writing for me even though this particular challenge has come to an end.

I’ll like to share some of the lessons that were reinforced in the course of this; sure someone will pick a thing or two from them.

1. Whatever you set your heart to do can be achieved. When there is a will there is a way!

2. God’s grace is more than sufficient to carry us through anything, nothing is too minute to commit to His hands.

3. There is always help for the man with a plan. I got a lot of support from my hubby and children even though they were not the ones that signed up for the challenge.

4. Reading is a good skill to develop. It helps to stretch the mind. A number of times I didn’t have an idea of what to write about and then as I read either the news or an article or even a book, the “eureka” feeling came and then I was able to drop some lines.

5. There is a lot of satisfaction from getting results which in turn spurs us on for more and more. What’s that end you have in mind? Take the small steps that can help you get there. Don’t just sit still waiting for a big break.

6. We are in families, communities, states and countries before being in the world so we can help influence the people around us. How much impact can be felt by the people around you because you are alive? Don’t wait to be the best in the world. Be the best in your small corner first.

7. Mistakes are great tools for a great future. Don’t be scared of taking steps towards your goals because you are not certain of the outcome.

I’ll like to stop here for today but before I go I will like to say thank you and well done to everyone who made it exciting to do this, especially Wale Osideinde who initiated it (you can reach him on http://waleosideinde.com). It was well worth it!

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This life


A colleague passed on suddenly two days ago and it was very devastating for people who had related with him closely. Some people even saw him in the morning because he came to work and was about his business normally until he stepped out to go to the clinic. Barely 6 hours after he resumed that day the office got a message that he was late. Even though we all felt the pain, life continued as usual for us because we are not part of his immediate family. This led to various discussions about life and what our lives should be about.

As I thought about the various discussions, I remembered a video of Mohammed Ali I had watched a while back. He was asked at the age of 30 what he would do when he retired. He went ahead to state that of the 30 years he is likely to have till retirement, he only had 16 effective years which according to him will be used to prepare for his maker. Isn’t that profound? Are you living as if you owe no one an explanation about how you live your life? Or do you have it in your mind that you will give account one day?

All of our life is meant to serve the course of the one that has given us life. God invested in us and He expects to yield dividends; thus our lives should not be about empty pursuits but about ensuring that God’s will is done on earth as it is in heaven. The articles below are also in line with this topic and will help us live our lives with the end in mind.

Let this September be one to remember for people around you as you resolve to live a very impactful life.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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